TiTi Protocol

Governance Token Description

1) Max supply

The governance token of the TiTi protocol is called TiTi Token (TiTi). The maximum supply of TiTi is 1 billion and is constant.

2) Governance

The TiTi protocol will be governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to ensure that the protocol achieves on-chain governance, such as voting governance on specific key parameters and development of the protocol. TiTi also carries the long-term growth value of the protocol, and encourages TiUSD expansion. TiTi token holders will be able to stake TiTi tokens to earn rewards from the entire TiTi ecosystem

3) Allocation and Distribution

  • 50% to community incentive.
This part of TiTi will all be released to community users based on the long-term incentive economic model
  • 20% to DAO Reserve.
To be used as the reserve fund of the protocol to deal with the future risks of the protocol and to encourage users to participate in the future technology, security and innovation development of the protocol.
  • 15% to Fundraising
To be used for fundraising. Raised fund will be used to realize the development of the TiTi protocol, technology development, market operation and compliance, etc.
  • 10% to Team
This part of TiTi belongs to the team and will be released 6 months after mainnet launch and vesting 4 years.
  • 5% to TiTi Eco-Growth
To stimulate protocol growth and expansion in the DeFi ecosystem

Release & Distribution Schedule:

(1) 50% to community incentive
Starting from mainnet launch, 10% release in the initial half-year-cycle, and then decay by 10% every cycle.
(2) 20% to DAO Reserve
Locked until the protocol needs and decidedby DAO voting.
(3) 15% to Fundraising
Round 1: 10% release at TGE , then quarterlyvesting 15%
Round 2: 20% release at TGE, then quarterlyvesting 10%
IDO Round: TGE unlock immediately
(4) 10% to Team
20% relased 6 months after mainnet launchthen vesting 4 years.
(5) 5% to TiTi Eco-Growth
Lock 3 months after mainnet launch and vesting 2 years.