What is TiTi Token

The governance token of the TiTi protocol is called TiTi Token (TiTi), and the token symbol is TiTi.

The maximum supply of TiTi is 1 billion and is constant. The TiTi protocol will be governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to ensure that the protocol achieves on-chain governance, such as voting governance on specific key parameters and development of the protocol.

TiTi also carries the long-term growth value of the protocol, and encourages TiUSD expansion. TiTi token holders will be able to stake TiTi tokens to earn rewards from the entire TiTi ecosystem. The logo of TiTi is as follows:

For detailed information about TiTi Tokenomics with TiTi Token and Protocol Fee at its core, you can find it in the following chapters:

TiTI Token Distribution

Here is about the distribution of TiTi Token, as well as the purpose of each part and detailed vesting details:

pageToken Distribution

Protocol Fee

Here is a detailed introduction to the most important source of value in TiTi Tokenomics, namely Protocol Fee:

pageProtocol Fee

TiTi Incentive

Here is a description of the incentive mechanism for using TiTi Token as a reward in TiTi Tokenomics, which is the driving force for the growth of TiTi Protocol:

pageTiTi Incentive

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