Join TiTi Staking Pool

$TiTi holders can stake TiTi to secure TiTi protocol, as the funds staked act as the backstop for the protocol. In return, value captured and long-term growth potential accrued in the TiTi ecosystem is distributed to TiTi stakers.

Stake TiTi

  • Enter the amount of TiTi you want to stake, or click "MAX" to stake all

  • Click "STAKE" to complete the stake

  • After the stake is successful, your "Your TiTi Balance" and "Your Staked TiTi" will change accordingly

Reminders: The minimum required staking amount is 1 $TiTi.

Withdraw TiTi

  • Click "Your Withdraw Info"

  • Enter the number of TiTi you want to withdraw, or just click "MAX"

  • Click "UNSTAKE"

After "UNSTAKE", you need to wait for 30 days unbond period. After 30 days, you have 3 days to withdraw your TiTi. If you do not withdraw within 3 days, your staking position will be re-stake to TiTi-Staking automatically.

Reminders: The unbond period and the 3-day withdrawal window will still have compound rewards.

🎁$TiTi Reward

After each cycle distribution, the reward will be directly compounded and added to the user's TiTi Staking principal, so as to achieve the effect of compound interest. Users do not need to manually claim.

Each epoch will be divided into several cycles, and a cycle will be rewarded once.

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