Join Market Maker Fund (MMF)

MMF(Market Maker Fund) is a new paradigm of DeFi yield farming products launched by TiTi Protocol. TiTi-MMF provides users with Single-sided Liquidity Provision, Zero Risk, Dual Mining Rewards.

The operation of MMF is to provide unilateral liquidity through stake USDC. It has the following features: zero risk, no impermanent loss, two incomes, no fees, no lock-up for deposit and withdrawal at any time, no need to open a position, high dynamic APY return.

Stake USDC to Earn Dual Mining Rewards

  • Enter the amount of USDC you want to stake, or click "MAX" to select the maximum value

  • Click "Stake" to complete the stake of USDC

  • After the stake is successful, your "Balance" will decrease accordingly, and the "staked+reward" below will increase

Withdraw USDC

  • Enter the amount of USDC you want to withdraw, or click "MAX" to withdraw all

  • Click "Withdraw" to withdraw your staked USDC

  • After the withdrawal is successful, you can see that the amount displayed in "staked+reward" decreases accordingly, and the amount displayed in "Balance" increases accordingly

✨It should be noted that during the period when you stake USDC, the generated USDC rewards are directly added to your principal, and "staked+reward" shows your USDC principal and rewards.

Claim Dual Mining Rewards

There are two types of income from MMF Yield Farm: TiTi Token & USDC.

The first is the governance token of the TiTi protocol, TiTi Token. The second type of income is the slippage income of the native crypto assets during the minting and redemption process of the TiTi Protocol’s stablecoin TiUSD. In the early stage of the project, this income was USDC. After the project introduces multi-assets, the benefits will be diverse, such as WBTC, eth and other native crypto assets.

  • Claim $TiTi Reward: Click "CLAIM" to claim MMF's $TiTi reward

  • USDC Reward: Automatic compound accumulation to the staked USDC principal

  • $TiTi & USDC rewards are released every second, and users can claim them at any time

🎁TiTi Rewards

In MMF, TiTi token rewards need to be claimed manually by users, and rewards can be claimed at any time. USDC rewards are directly compounded into your principal.

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