Join TiUSD-XToken LP Staking Pool

LP mining rewards are $TiTi and Trading fee. Choose a trading pair on the mainstream DEX and Provide TiUSD/xToken Liquidity based on your experience.

Provide liquidity on Uniswap (Ethereum chain)

Step-1: Take TiTi/TiUSD as an example, click to enter the details page.

Step-2: Click "Provide", jump to Uniswap and connect wallet.

Step-3: Enter the amount of TiTi you want to provide liquidity, approve TiTi and TiUSD, and click "Supply" to complete the addition of liquidity.

Step-4: Go back to the TiTi Protocol mainnet page and stake the newly added TiTi/TiUSD pair to the TiTi product.

Step-5: Enter the TiTi/TiUSD pair that needs to be staked or click "MAX" and then click "STAKE" to complete LP Staking and earn $TiTi and trading fee.

Step-6: Click "claim" to claim the rewards generated by LP mining. The reward is released every second and can be claimed at any time.


  • Enter the value you want to extract and click "WITHDRAW".

  • Click "Provide", jump to Uniswap, click the left arrow, click "Import Pool", select TiUSD and TiTi, click "Manage this pool", click "Remove", select the value, and click OK to succeed.

🎁TiTi Rewards

In LP Mining, TiTi token rewards need to be claimed manually by users, and rewards can be claimed at any time.

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