TiUSD-X Token Liquidity Provider


To create continuous demand for TiTi and TiUSD for users, increase the liquidity of TiTi, stimulate the growth of TiUSD circulation in the early stage of the protocol, and facilitate protocol the future expansion.

How to obtain incentive?

Users can obtain TiUSD-TiTiLP tokens by providing liquidity to Uniswap's TiUSD-TiTi pool, and then stake LP to get rewards. LP staking is a long-term reward.


Alice adds liquidity to the uniswap TiTi/TiUSD trading pair and obtains UNIV2-TiTi-TiUSD LP token. Alice stakes this LP token to the LP staking pool to receive TiTi rewards.

Incentive PairPlatform


Uniswap V2

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