How to earn in TiTi Protocol

During the bootstrap phase, you can get rewards in TiTi Protocol through the following behaviors, In addition, you can learn How to maximize revenue in TiTi Protocol in this blog:

Market Maker Fund (MMF)

  • Introduction: Market Maker Fund (MMF) is a decentralized single-asset yield farming product issued by TiTi Protocol with PAV as the source of dividends. MMF aims to raise more market-making funds and increase TiTi-AMM's liquidity to further reduce user transaction slippage and enhance the protocol’s anti-risk ability.

  • Principal: USDC

  • Rewards: USDC (Part of PAV Rewards) + TiTi

  • Risks: Risk free, no impermanent loss, no rewards and principal lockup.

Market Maker Fund (MMF)

TiUSD-X Token LP Mining

  • Description: The protocol chooses to incentivize the liquidity providers of some third-party trading pairs based on TiUSD, and users can choose suitable pools to participate.

  • Principal: TiUSD + X Token

  • Rewards: Trading Fee + TiTi

  • Risks: May have impermanent loss, no rewards and principal lockup.

TiUSD-X Token Liquidity Provider

Use TiUSD To Earn Protocol Fee

  • Description: Users can choose to participate in a Use-TiUSD-To-Earn reward competition according to their own wishes.

  • Principal: According to specific behavior.

  • Rewards: TiTi

  • Risks: Risk free, no rewards lockup.

Use TiUSD to earn TiTi rewards

TiTi Staking Pool

  • Description: Users can stake TiTi Token to the TiTi Staking Pool to share the protocol fee revenue. Note that the protocol fee will be issued in the form of TiTi Token.

  • Principal: TiTi

  • Rewards: TiTi

  • Risks: Risk free, principal and rewards lockup.

TiTi Staking

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