Buy TiUSD to get TiTi Token Rewards

This is an internal-protocol incentive action. TiTi rewards will be distributed to TiUSD Buyers in TiTi-AMMs in USDC. The module consists of four parts:

1️⃣Current Epoch Info

Contains important information such as the time and rewards of the current Epoch.

2️⃣Your Rewards Info

Contains information such as the total TiTi rewards you earned by buying TiUSD in the past and the TiTi rewards to be distributed today.

3️⃣Your Pending Rewards Info today

It mainly displays the specific situation of Buy TiUSD on that day, including today's total rewards, your proportion in this module today, and the rewards you can get today.

4️⃣Current Epoch Rewards Distribution Records

✨If you want to buy more TiUSD and earn TiTi Token, click "Buy more TiUSD earns you more $TiTi Rewards" to jump to "Swap" to buy TiTiUSD.

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