Token Distribution

50% to community incentive


The core purpose of TiTi's incentive to the community is to stimulate the growth of TiUSD's circulation, stability and protocol scalability in the defi world. TiTi Protocol will distribute all this part of token to community user based on the token economic model to , allowing TiTi protocol users and TiTi stakeholders to grow together with TiTi protocol . Incentive behaviors mainly include but are not limited to the following aspects:

  • Users purchase TiUSD through M-AMMs to stimulate the issuance of TiUSD;

  • TiTi/TiUSD uniswap LP liquidity mining incentive;

  • Participate in MMF yield farming;

Release & Distribution Schedule:

TiTi Community Incentives will be released in a decay cycle. The cycle is half a year. The amount released in the first cycle is 10% of the total community incentives. Each cycle decays by 10% and releases 90% of the previous cycle. All TiTi tokens that release community incentives will be deposited in the Gnosis Safe multi-signature wallet, which will be jointly managed by the core members of the team with cautions. As an important long-term incentive measure of the protocol, this part of TiTi will be gradually released to users in stages according to the long-term development of the protocol and the issuance of stablecoin TiUSD. All release and unlocking are controlled by smart contracts, open and transparent, and can be on-chain. The investigation can be traced back.

20% to DAO Reserve


As the development team, we believe that the community will become the best partner of the TiTi protocol in the future. Therefore, the method of distributing governance to users in a non-capital-dependent manner is seriously prioritized. We believe that a proper balance between capital-dependent and non-capital-dependent rewards will create a strong and consistent community. This part of the funds is DAO Reserve. This part of TiTi is controlled by TiTi-DAO and remains locked until required by the protocol and voted by DAO. The use of DAO Reserve mainly covers but is not limited to the following:

  • Be used to deal with various risks that may occur in the future. For example, it can be used as an protocol's reserve fund to supplement the PRV, or to deal with other risks that may happen in the future.

  • Be used to stimulate the development of technology and security, or to determine the future development direction of the TiTi protocol, the evolution path of the product, the innovation of new products, etc.

Release & Distribution Schedule:

Continue to be locked until necessary and the DAO votes to determine further updates and development of the protocol.

15% to Fundraising


The funds raised by the team are mainly used to recruit more professional development, develop the product, marketing, research, and conduct multiple security audits of the code;

Release & Distribution Schedule:

  • 4% Seed round : 10% release at TGE , then quarterly vesting 15%;

  • 10% Private round : 20% release at TGE, then quarterly vesting 10%;

  • 1% IDO: TGE unlock immediately;

10% to Team


The reason for allocation to team is that the team will be committed to the long-term development of the protocol, operation, maintenance and growth of the protocol. We hope to get meaningful incentives instead of short-term benefits. The team will have better support and continue to support the protocol in the long-term. We hope to set new standards in the DeFi field by encouraging long-term consistency.

Release & Distribution Schedule:

20% will be released 6 months after the Protocol mainnet launch, and then the rest will be released linearly for the remaining 4 years.

5% to Ecosystem Growth (For cooperation with AVD)


This part of Token is used to stimulate protocol growth and expansion in the DeFi ecosystem. Has been used to pay for cooperation with AVD.

Release & Distribution Schedule:

Vesting according to agreement with AVD.

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