Use TiUSD to earn TiTi rewards


In order to greatly enhance the competitive advantage of TiUSD compared to traditional stablecoins, the TiTi protocol will continue to reward TiUSD users with part of the protocol fees accumulated during the operation, so as to stimulate the long-term development of the protocol and increase the user adoption of TiUSD.

Therefore, in TiTi Protocol, TiUSD will not only be a stablecoin asset, but also a tradable fee-earning asset. The rewards are released on schedule with a period of 30 days. At the beginning of the period, the team will evaluate the proportion of TiUSD users' adoption compared to the entire stablecoin market from four on-chain dimensions, including the proportion of average daily transaction volume, average daily transaction amount, and average proportion of the number of holders, the proportion of the total issuance, and the allocation ratio for Use To Earn in the protocol fee of the period are determined.

The number of daily transfers, average daily holdings and average daily DeFi interactions are weighted to calculate the user’s adoption contribution value, and the issuance of rewards will be distributed proportionally based on the adoption contribution value.

How to use-to-earn?

Users can check their own adoption contribution value on the official website, and directly claim the rewards on time, and the rewards will be distributed to users in the form of TiTi. The specific list is as follows:


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