TiTi Staking

TiTi Staking Economy

Similar to MAKERDAO, the staked TiTi will be used to support and protect the protocol ecosystem. In order to repay the user's stake, TiTi stakers will be able to stake TiTi tokens to earn part of the Protocol Fee from the entire TiTi ecosystem, and the rewards distributed to users in the form of TiTi.

Due to the high scalability of the TiTi protocol, with the expansion of the TiTi ecosystem in the future, we will advance the process of protocol platformization and gradually introduce multiple use scenarios such as trading and lending platforms. At that time, TiTi will carry the incremental value brought about by ecological expansion. TiTi token holders can benefit from the growth of the TiTi protocol, including but not limited to protocol fees and the value generated by more innovative products the team is developing.

Staking Rewards

TiTi holders can lock any amount of TiTi in TiTi Staking Pool to earn Protocol Fee. The protocol system will automatically conduct compound interest operations for users. Of course, users can also choose to withdraw from the stake to obtain benefits according to their needs.

In order to incentivize the lock-up for a longer period of time, according to the different staking durations selected by TiTi stakers, the rewards lock-up obtained by users can be weighted at different levels according to time. The longer the lock-up time, the greater the rewards weight.


Alice staked 10000TiTi in TiTi Staking Pool. At a certain point in time, Alice's stake rewards is a 10TiTi reward. If Alice chooses to continue to stake, then the total staked TiTi will be 10010TiTi. Alice's staking will be regarded as 10010TiTi.

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