Use TiUSD to earn TiTi Rewards

Use-to-earn is a novel interest-bearing stablecoin tokenomic design. It allows users to earn both passive and positive revenue in a merkle-proof way surrounding TiUSD onchain usage.

At this stage, there are three behaviors that trigger Use-To-Earn:

  • Buy TiUSD in TiTi-AMMs (Swap)

  • Buy TiTi in TiTi/TiUSD Pair (SyncSwap)

  • TiUSD Holder

1️⃣Distributed TiTi Rewards: Accumulative $TiTi Rewards distributed to use-to-earn behaviors.

In the past days of the current Epoch, the cumulative rewards distributed to all Use-to-earn users.

2️⃣Your Distributed Rewards: Total accumulative use-to-earn $TiTi Rewards you earned.

In the past days of the current Epoch, all the Use-to-earn rewards you have accumulated.

3️⃣Your Claimable Rewards: Total accumulative, but unclaimed use-to earn $TiTi Rewards you earned.

The amount of all $TiTi Rewards you can claim will be distributed after each cycle (usually 7 days). Users can claim rewards at any time after distribution.

🎁TiTi Rewards

Use-to-earn rewards will be distributed after each cycle, users can claim it at any time. (after the first cycle)

Each epoch will be divided into several cycles, and a cycle will be rewarded once.

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