TiTi Protocol

What is TiUSD Token

TiUSD Token is a decentralized stablecoin in TiTi Protocol. We will introduce TiUSD from the following aspects:
TiUSD Token's Logo
Through many innovative mechanism designs, TiUSD is endowed with the following usage scenarios:
  • Asset Hedge: As a completely decentralized stablecoin, users canhold TiUSD as safe-haven assets, free from geopolitical constraints and regulatory reviews.
  • Trading Medium: As a stablecoin pegging to $1, TiUSD is perfect toplay its role as a trading medium for all traders, e.g.crypto-asset traders, Quantitative Trader leveragecminers.
  • Interest-bearing: Unlike any other decentralized stablecoin, TiUSDusers can earn passive revenue by simply holdingTiUSD. This is the unique feature of the TiTi Protocol
  • Use-To-Earn: Users can earn extra revenue just by using TiUSD. Foexample, a user can use TiUSD for payment, purchase NFTs, perform a transaction or use TiUSD in designated scenario.Use-to-earn is determined bDAO-Governance to benefit stakeholders.
TiUSD Use Cases

What is unique about TiUSD

Here, we will briefly introduce the core innovations of TiTi Protocol.

How TiUSD is minted and redeemed

Here we will briefly describe how TiUSD is minted and redeemed.

How to ensure the stability of TiUSD

For any stablecoin protocol, how to ensure its price is pegged to $1, which is the efficiency of its stabilization mechanism is the most important, and we will give a preliminary introduction to this here.

What are the advantages of TiUSD

Finally, we will compare with some mainstream and representative stablecoins, such as USDT, DAI and FRAX, so that you can understand the innovation of TiUSD.