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No-Liquidation-Risk and Revenue-Earning Stablecoin 100+% collateralized by Multi-Asset-Reserve, which called TiUSD.

TiTi Protocol is a No-Liquidation-Risk and Revenue-Earning Stablecoin 100+% collateralized by Multi-Asset-Reserve that aims to provide diversified and decentralized financial services based on the crypto-native stablecoin system and autonomous monetary policy.

Its unique design brings a new paradigm of decentralized stablecoin solution to decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 that combines the Multi-Assets-Reserve mechanism and the peg mechanism of the Reorders algorithm. By doing so, it aims to take over the torch of algorithmic stablecoins and bring a brand new solution to DeFi and Web3 ecology.


Here is the most basic concept about TiTi Protocol, if you are not interested in technical details, or want to quickly understand TiTi Protocol, you can find everything here.

What is TiTi ProtocolWhat is TiUSD TokenWhat is TiTi TokenHow to earn in TiTi ProtocolWhat is the flywheel of TiTi Protocol (Use-TiUSD-To-Earn)

Core Architecture

Here is an introduction to the core modules and concepts of TiTi Protocol. If you want to learn more technical details about how TiTi Protocol works, you can find it here.

TiTi-AMMs (M-AMMs)ReOrdersProtocol Reserve Value (PRV)Protocol Added Value (PAV)Market Maker Fund (MMF)Multi-Asset-Reserve

TiTi Tokenomics

Here is the introduction of tokenomics in TiTi Protocol, everything about TiTi Token.

Token DistributionProtocol FeeTiTi IncentiveReward Epoch History

Product Guides

This is a tutorial for using TiTi Protocol, learn how to use TiTi Protocol step by step with pictures.

Swap TiUSD in TiTi-AMMsJoin Market Maker Fund (MMF)Join TiUSD-XToken LP Staking PoolUse TiUSD to earn TiTi RewardsJoin TiTi Staking Pool

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