TiTi Protocol

Core Terms

M-AMM: Monopoly Auto Market Maker or TiTi's AMM. The monopoly market maker system means that for certain stocks listed on the exchange, only one designated market maker can be responsible for market making. The typical representative is the expert system of the New York Stock Exchange.
Multi-Assets Reserve: TiUSD is a stablecoin issued backed by asset reserve, ETH, WBTC, DAI etc.
MMF: Market Making Fund, the fund are assets portfolio in contract provide by users for unilateral market making without any limit.
PRV: Protocol Reserve Value, the market Value brought by all TiTi mint. PRV can only be used to buyback TiUSD.
PAV: Protocol Added Value, Protocol accumulated revenue through TiTi trading in all internal TiTi M-AMM.
FR: MMF ratio against TiUSD circulation
RR: PRV ratio against TiUSD circulation
Reorders: An original stabilizing mechanism enables TiUSD peg to $1 effectively