TiTi Protocol

Multi-Asset Reserve

TiTi Protocol is highly scalable and supports multiple assets in market making, thereby increasing the scale of funds, meeting the needs of users for multi-token transactions and avoiding single-point risks introduced by the violent fluctuation. The protocol adjusts the proportion of each market-making fund through community governance to improve risk-proof ability and capture alpha benefits.
As mentioned above, part of PAV will be allocated to the Rainy Day Fund to deal with the possible future risks of the protocol in extreme situation , black swan or the grey richo etc. Risk Reserve will be managed through decentralized governance and be used only after the community on-chain governance.
Introducing volatile assets into TiTi Protocol
The above models are all discussed using TiUSD-USDC as the basic M-AMM. In the following sessions, we will introduce TiUSD-ETH as an example to discuss the changes brought to the Protocol after the introduction of volatile assets.
To begin with, the ReOrders mechanism is redesigned. The ReOrders mechanism has always maintained the Protocol to provide bilateral bid and ask orders to the market at $1. During the n round ReOrders, the Protocol adjusts the amount of TiUSD in the M-AMM to ΔY'n:
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