TiTi Protocol

TiTi Protocol System

TiTi-Protocol is a new type of elastic supply decentralized stablecoin protocol based on decentralized Monopoly Auto Market Maker mechanism (M-AMM) and backed by Multi-Assets-Reserve.
Technical Architecture
TiTi Protocol is composed of 10 main modules, including:
1) TiUSD Token: TiUSD token contract, the stablecoin;
2) Monopoly AMM: This module realizes TiUSD's primary market, where users can buy & sell TiUSD;
3) Liquidity Controller: This module is the core module in TiTi Protocol. It adjusts the amount of various funds in the Monopoly AMMs according to the mechanism;
4) ReOrders: This module is used to identify the ReOrders signal and notify the Liquidity Controller to perform ReOrders;
5) TiTi Oracles: This module is used to obtain the TWAP price required by the Protocol;
6) Market Maker Fund: The module implements the logic for users to participate in or exit from Market Maker Fund. When the user chooses to participate, their assets will be staked into the contract;
7) Rainy Day Fund: The module is used to store Rainy Day Fund funds generated by the Protocol in the market-making process. This module is controlled by Governor;
8) Multi-Assets Reserve: This module keeps all the Reserves, and it is controlled by the governance module;
9) Position Controller: This module is responsible for adjusting the composition of the reserve;
10) Governance: This module inherits Compound's governance[12] module at the initial stage and will issue a governance token after the project launch to match the requirements of Protocol governance.