TiTi Protocol

Mainnet Q&A

Mainnet Epoch 1 is 30 days, Epoch 1 is divided into 4 cycles, the first three cycles are 7 days, and the last cycle is 9 days
Q1: What are some useful contract addresses for the TiTi mainnet?
Click here👉 #Useful Token Contract Address​
Q2: What is Epoch? What is Cycle?
According to TiTi's tokenomics, 50% of $TiTi will be used as incentives for community members and distributed to community users through long-term Epoch periods and other forms. Please refer to #Governance Token Description for specific release & distribution.
Each epoch will be divided into several cycles, and a cycle will be rewarded once.
Q3: What is the minimum TiTi Stake amount? The minimum number of TiTi Stake is 1. When users want to Stake TiTi, the number needs to be greater than 1.
Q4: How long do I need to wait when I unbond the staked TiTi?
After initiating the request to withdraw the staked TiTi, the user needs to go through a 30-day unbond time. Within 30 days, you still enjoy the rewards of the current Epoch.
Q5: After 30 days of unbonding, can I withdraw my staked TiTi at any time?
No, after the 30-days unbonding period, your withdrawal time is only 3 days. If the staked TiTi is not withdrawn within 3 days, it will be automatically staked again.
Q6: How often are TiTi rewards for TiTi staking rewards are distributed?
TiTi staking rewards are distributed every cycle.
Q7: How often are TiTi rewards for Use-to-Earn distributed?
Use-to-Earn Rewards are distributed every cycle. After cycle you can claim your Use-to-Earn rewards anytime.
Q8: Why does the "Expected Daily Reward" displayed on the Use-to-Earn page change?
Due to the actual Use-to-Earn reward is calculated according to the proportion after every 24 hours, the "Expected Daily Reward" is only the current proportion, not the final 24-hour proportion. When the proportion of your Use-to-Earn behavior becomes smaller in the 24-hour calculation, the "Expected Daily Reward" will become smaller.
👇For details of the Epoch 1 of the mainnet, please check the blog​