TiTi Protocol

Testnet round 3 Q&A

Q1: What is the testnet time?
A1: Testnet lasts 21 days.
Start time: Mar 13th 12 a.m. UTC
End time: April 3rd 12 a.m. UTC, 2023
This event is divided into two phases:
1️⃣ Claim Boarding-Pass-SBT: Mar 13th 12 a.m. UTC - Mar 22nd 12 a.m. UTC
2️⃣ Earn TiTi-Sailor-SBT: Mar 22nd 12 a.m. UTC - April 3rd 12 a.m. UTC
TiTi testnet 3.0 is launched in Goerli
Q2: What are the testnet rewards?
🎁150,000 $COLLAB Airdrop & SBT & $500 U & 10 WL.
Phase one: Claim Boarding-Pass-SBT👉50,000 $COLLAB & SBT & $300 U
Phase two: Earn TiTi-Sailor-SBT👉100,000 $COLLAB & SBT & $300 U &10 WL
Q3: How many test tokens(Mock-USDC) can I get every day?
A3: From Mar 13th to April 3rd, you can claim once every 24 hours, and you can claim 100 Mock-USDC test coins each time.
Q4: Where can I see the number of tokens I hold?
A4: 1. Click "connected", you can see the amount of testnet "TiTi" and "TiUSD" you hold.
2.Import the token contract address to your wallet, and you will be able to see the number of tokens you hold in your wallet.
'TiUSD': '0xdb2a1f5beF0F5F8614B04E9C408Fa8ea6cE4c01f',
'TiTiToken': '0xc4903796C6b7543fcFB3b6E0dB8463B385B53Aaf',
'USDC': '0xeC32468539b69C2eA791E3d37FE25D9F46BD3e5b',
Q5: Why can't 100 Mock-USDC be exchanged for 100 TiUSD?
A5: There is slippage in any transaction, which is normal.
Q6: How to earn TiTi through the testnet?
A6: TiTi can be obtained in the following ways.
The TiTi earned by each method is different, "Dynamic APY" can provide you with a reference, and more gameplay needs to be explored by yourself.
Q7: How to earn TiTi with Use-to-Earn?
A7: There are many ways to use-to-Earn to earn TiTi.
  • Buy TiUSD in MAMM
  • Hold TiUSD in wallet
  • Buy TiTi in Uniswap
Q8: How can I withdraw the TiTi staked in "TiTi-Staking"?
A8: In the "TiTi-Staking Pool", if you want to withdraw the TiTi in the staking, after you initiate a request to withdraw TiTi, you need to go through a cycle to withdraw it. This cycle takes 12 hours. If TiTi is staked again within seven days, the withdrawal request will be reset automatically.
For example: Player A initiates a withdrawal request on the 10th, and the withdrawal is successful on the 11th. If user A staked TiTi again on the 12th, the withdrawal request on the 10th will be automatically canceled, and it will be deemed that user A has given up the withdrawal.
The TiTi rewards you get will be automatically reinvested in the "TiTi-Staking Pool".
Q9: How can I withdraw Use-to-Earn rewards?
A9: Use-to-Earn rewards will be issued periodically and can be claimed after April 3rd 12 a.m. UTC, 2023.
Q10: Can TiTi tokens be transferred between different wallets? A10: In order to ensure the fairness of the game, our technical team has set that transfer is not allowed, and there is no way for any user to transfer TiTi, please rest assured.
Q11:Can I transfer LP through multiple addresses?
A11: If you make illegal transfers, you will be deems as scam and disqualified for rewards.
  1. 1.
    Please do not use multiple addresses to create TiTi/TiUSD LPs to transfer account addresses to yourself or others.
  2. 2.
    If you receive LP transferred from others, please do not perform LP Ming and please immediately destroy it to the black hole address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001
  3. 3.
    If you staked the transferred LPs by mistake, the system will recognize it. And then your account will be blocked and removed from ranking. In case you do it carelessly, please PM the administrator to appeal and submit relevant evidence, eg burn link. We will review carefully and your account will be restored to the ranking if it turns out you’re innocent.
All parameters are only applicable to this test network and have nothing to do with the main network.
For more gameplay questions, you can read our "Testnet Tutorial Document" or "Testnet Video Tutorial", don’t hesitate to ask questions!