TiTi Protocol

Item4 TiTi-Staking Pool

The mainnet usage is similar to the testnet, so please use the testnet tutorial. If you have any questions, please join Discord to contact us!
Enter the amount of TiTi you want to stake, click "STAKE", and the operation is successful. Stake your TiTi here, and you will also get TiTi rewards, which will be directly added to your "Staking Pool".
To withdraw TiTi in the "TiTi-Staking Pool", you need to wait 7 days.If you stake TiTi again within seven days, the withdrawal request is automatically reset.
For example: Player A initiates a withdrawal request on the 10th, and the withdrawal is successful on the 17th. If user A staked TiTi again on the 12th, the withdrawal request on the 10th will be automatically canceled, and it will be deemed that user A has given up the withdrawal.
"TiTi-Staking Pool" rewards are issued every Sunday and will be automatically accumulated in your "TiTi-Staking Pool".
TiTi Stake Mechanism
TiTi Stake Benefits in Testnet
In testnet,with Stake TiTi, TiTi token holders will be able to stake TiTi to earn more TiTi rewards. TiTi staking rewards are automatically compounded for users.
Example: If a user stakes 100TiTi, and gets 10TiTi reward. Then the total staked TiTi would be 110 TiTi. The next reward distribution would treat you as having staked 110.
TiTi Stake Rewards Distribution
TiTi Staking Rewards will be distributed to users periodically. The cycle is 7 days starting from the 1st day, the Staking Rewards for the last 7 days will be distributed to you one-time according to your share in the Staking Pool.
About Unstake and Claim Rewards
Once you've clicked Unstake, the unstaked amount goes through a 7-day unbonding period. This means you can only withdraw the unstaked amount 7 days AFTER you click Unstake. Once the 7-days unbonding period ends, you have 72 hours to claim/withdraw the unstaked amount.
Screenshot of the 1st round of testnet