TiTi Protocol

Item3 Use-to-Earn

The mainnet usage is similar to the testnet, so please use the testnet tutorial. If you have any questions, please join Discord to contact us!
"Use-to-Earn", this is a magical place where you may have triggered "Use-to-Earn" while you are doing a series of actions in the testnet.
1.Buy TiUSD in MAMM
When you buy TiUSD , "Use-to-Earn" captures your purchase record and gives you TiTi rewards;
2. TiUSD Holder
When you "TiUSD Holder", "Use-to-Earn" will give you TiTi rewards;
3.Buy TiTi in Uniswap
When you buy TiTi in "Uniswap", "Use-to-Earn" will give you TiTi reward;
Screenshot of the 1st round of testnet
However, the rewards obtained by each operation are different. The TiTi rewards you can receive will be displayed in "Use-to-Earn". This part of the TiTi rewards will be issued periodically. You can click "CLAIM" to withdraw them.