TiTi Protocol

Boost Your Ranking

Get more TiTi rewards in the following ways, but the TiTi rewards obtained by each gameplay are different, you need to explore by yourself.
  • MMF farming
  • LP farming
  • Use-to-earn
  • TiTi-Staking Pool
There are many combination operations that can help you earn more TiTi, your ultimate goal is to get more TiTi.
You can view your holdings and income in "My Account", and see the ranking of TiTi holders in "TestNet".
Note: The final ranking of the number of TiTi holders is calculated based on the amount staked in the TiTi-Staking Pool, and TiTi that is not staked in the TiTi-Staking Pool is not included.So please stake all the TiTi you hold to compete for the ranking before the event ends.
Simply put, it is to earn more TiTi, and then put all of them into "TiTi-Staking Pool" before the deadline to compete for the ranking.
"Dynamic APY", which is the basis for how much you get TiTi rewards.It can be seen that the "APY" of each operation is different. The TiTi rewards generated by different "APYs" are also different.
The "Use-to-Earn" module does not have "Dynamic APY".However, the rewards for different operations of "Use-to-Earn" can be seen, and everyone can evaluate it by themselves.
So which operation can earn the most TiTi?
This will be where you play!