TiTi Protocol

Audit Report

🎊We are excited to announce that TiTiProtocol’s smart contracts have completed PeckShield, slowmist and Hacken audits!
Users’ asset safety is our top priority. Crucially, no critical issues were found. We would like to express our gratitude to teams at PeckShield, Slowmist and hackhen for their hard work in ensuring the security of our protocol.
Our audit findings are summarized below:👇
1️⃣ Peckshield’s Audit Summary In this audit, we have analyzed the design and implementation of the TiTi protocol, which is designed to bring a new type of elastic supply algorithm stablecoin solution to DeFi and Web3 that incorporates the Multi-Assets-Reserve mechanism. The current code base is well structured and neatly organized. Those identified issues are promptly confirmed and addressed.
2️⃣ SlowMist Audit Summary
The SlowMist security team use a manual and SlowMist team’s analysis tool to audit TiTiProtocol, during the audit work we found 2 medium-risk vulnerabilities. And 1 medium risk vulnerability was confirmed and being fixed; All other findings were fixed.
3️⃣ Hacken’s Audit Summary On the one hand, our audit benchmark at Hacken reaches the highest level, 4 balls. On the other hand, we sincerely thank hacken for their suggestions and remediations during the contract reviewing.
All in all, we always put users’ asset as our top priority and will work our best to secure protocl and users’ asset.💪
Last modified 1mo ago